Why you should send your teen:

This program is a weekly group for young ladies ages 12 -17 years old. This group will help to process with an honest and open approach to topics teens face on a daily basis.

  • Anger Management, Body Image, Bullying, Community Services, Drugs, Alcohol and Addiction, Exploitation, Goal Setting, Gangs and Violence, Healthy Lifestyle
  • Leadership Skills, Life Skills, Peer Pressure, Self Esteem, Self-Love, Self-worth
  • Teen Dating, Teen Pregnancy and Teen Suicide. 

We want our young ladies to have a place they will feel safe to share and discuss the hard subjects in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  The facilitators themselves are not just trained in the topics they will discuss but were teens that have struggled and overcame these same issues. Call and register at 661-402-3076 Ext. 106

 Ladies please implement this..

1. Know that you are Enough.. Say It with me  I AM ENOUGH.. I AM ENOUGH!!

2. Love EVERYTHING about YOU!

3. Take good care of YOU! 

4. Know who and how to ask for help. Ask questions. Speak up.

5. Know what’s going on in the world.

6. Register to vote, use your voice to make changes.

7. Have a mentor who keeps in regular contact with you.

8. Be able to cook something, even if it’s not the greatest.

9. Developing good time management skills.

10. Know that “please” and “thank you” are still great habits to practice. 

11. YOU are not invincible. The decisions you make now will affect you later. Choose wisely.

12. Have some concept of the value of money. It doesn’t grow on trees.

13. Love and relationships are wonderful, but it shouldn’t hurt or impede on your progress.

14. Know that people will come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime.

15. YOUR dreams can come true. You are is full of potential. Set goals. Meet them. Repeat.

16. Walk confidently and love her body even if it’s not what society deems as “perfect.”

17. Learn to be happy for others, it's not always about YOU!

18. Keep certain aspects of her life private, use social media responsibly.​


​​Women/Girls Empowerment Program

​​​Women In Transition Supportive Services

Warm Line (661) 402-3076 Ext. 111

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