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​​Women/Girls Empowerment Program

Two-Lifestyles, Inc.


Program Overview
Two-Lifestyles, Inc., WBI-Women Batterers Intervention is here to educate our women how to keep anger from undermining self-esteem, emotional balance and healthy relationships. It is our goal as an agency to provide supportive services to women by engaging, encouraging, educating and empowering them to becoming healthier women.  Please remember that everyone is responsible for his or her own actions, behavior and recovery.

Women Batterer intervention programs (BIPs) have become the preferred way for responding to perpetrators in the domestic violence field. However, the research on their efficacy has been mixed. Some major studies have shown little or no effect on participants, whereas other research has demonstrated significant improvement in a subset of women who complete the programs.​

Each person will go through a one time registration-screening process that would support them getting connected to the appropriate care manager to help receive other needed services.

Each person is responsible for paying her registration fees prior to receiving any enrollment letter or progress note.  All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE  (Up to 15 Days to pay fee) Each person will bring to the registration screening a copy of your valid driver license or Identification, current minute order, DCFS case plan or TDM services plan. (Any document stating reason for referral) 


After each class you are obligated to complete an anonymous evaluation form about what you learned in-group today. This is not an English or writing class we just need your honest feedback to better our program. So ladies please feel free to be honest with your thoughts.

Please bring your pen, highlighter and binder ready to work, learn and share different strategies for expressing your emotional needs.

26 Weeks Anger Management Process It is mandatory to complete all 26 classes before receiving completion certificate. If by an unforeseen reason the class is missed you are obligated to complete with the next round parenting class.

There is No EXCUSE  for ABUSE

Women Batterers' Intervention