We Services...

  • ​​CA Board of Occupational Therapy (CA BOT)
  • CA Physicians Assistant Board (CA PAC)
  • Maximus California Diversion Program
  • California Nurses on Probation (CA RNP)
  • CA State Medical Board (CA SMB)
  • CA State Board Of Pharmacy (CA SBOP)
  • CA Monitoring Program
  • Physical Therapy Board of California (PTBC)
  • CA Board of Psychology
  • CA Vet Medical Board (CA VMB)



​​Women/Girls Empowerment Program

Warm Line (661) 402-3076 Ext. 111

Two-Lifestyles, Inc.

Urine Analysis Collection Site


1224 East Ave, S Suite C

Palmdale CA, 93550

(661) 402-3076 Ext.107

In the Medical Office

Monday-Friday Regular Hours of Services 7:am-8:pm (Regular Fee $25.00)

Saturday Hours of Services 8:am-1:pm (Weekend Fee $30.00)

​Sunday , After Hours and on Call (On Call Fee $35.00) Bobby Ext.107 or Ext. 111

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