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Tabitha's Story

Tabitha's Poem... "Did YOU Know"

Did you know that night when you decided to molest me that it would change my life? Did you know that it would take my light? I was so young and innocent and didn’t know what to do, when I felt you on me, I could not move.

Did you know that you hurt me and confused me inside? I didn’t know if I should tell or keep it inside. I awoke the next morning with new feelings I could not control, what was wrong with me? I did not know.

Did you know that I went through life wondering was I good enough, always feeling ashamed and dirty from your touch? Who would love me and want me after being abused. So I settled and fell for fools.

Did you know I over protected and sheltered my sons, making them fear life and not really having fun. I made them afraid to get too close to people because of the feelings I festered, making them believe everyone was a “Chester.”

Did you know that I am now healing? No more feeling ashamed, dirty or never good enough. Yes I am working on all that stuff. Loving me and putting me first. What you did was not a curse. I’m going forward and moving on, can’t you see now that I am strong.

Did you know that I am using my experience to now help others? One day I will save lots of kids that are still hiding under covers. Hiding from the pain and hurt they feel inside, most of them just wanting to die. I will help them get their courage to be strong and move on. Yes one day too, their pain will be gone.

Did you know this? If not, now you do. Oh! I forgot, I forgive you too. Hurt people, hurt people is what they say, but no more from me, not another day.

So for those who are here today that want to learn how to be strong, come and join “Two Lifestyles”, this class helps you move on. Loving yourself and Co- dependent no more, this class gives you that open door. So come on in and take a seat because loving yourself is GOD”S greatest treat.  By: Tabitha Williams