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5th Annual Symposium 

"Let Us All Unite  o Silence The Internal fight"
​    Saturday,October 21, 2017

9:00 am-3:30 pm

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 *** The Winner of the L.U.A.U.  Parade will win a prize***

This year’s Theme “Let Us All Unite to Silence the Internal fight.” Some women will share their experience, strength and hope in support to lay down the internal fight. We have vendors, performers, skits and more.. Others will participate in a spectacular runway parade of Lays and L.U.A.U attire all towards the mission of bonding, uplifting, encouraging, motivating and celebrating Unity.

Have you ever felt like on one shoulder was the evil spirit and the other shoulder was the guardian angel?  You become confused as to who and what to listen to yet it never fells we end up making the wrong decision.

That INTERNAL FIGHT within that literally causes confusion, depression, bitterness, anger, fear is something WE as women deal with on a daily basis.

Ladies we have an opportunity to come together and support each other. Unity is our goal bringing women from ages 12 and up.  Celebrating each other’s breakthroughs while silencing the internal fight. Things will never look the same after you learn to shift your lenses.

  *** The Winner of the L.U.A.U.  Parade will win a prize***

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact us at 

(661) 402-3076 Ext 101 or email me at Respectfully, La Toyia Conway Hampton 


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