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​​Women/Girls Empowerment Program

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Whether your MASKconsist of CONCEALER to cover the SCARS and the bruises. Or if you force a smile on a daily basis to appear happy when you are feeling sad, depressed or afraid. Maybe your scars are deep and buried from childhood that you are too embarrassed to deal with or it hurts too much to bare.

Whatever reason you wear your MASK... we have an opportunity for you to dig deep, embrace your true feelings, uncover the hurt hat consumes you and hinders your growth. Join us at our Annual Ladies Symposium.

"REMOVE THE MASK TO HEAL THE PAST" Some women will share their experience, strength and hope in support to help solidify others. We have vendors, performers, skits and more.. Others will participate in a spectacular runway parade of MASK all towards the mission of bonding, uplifting, encouraging, motivating and celebrating SISTERHOOD… 

This event is Two-Lifestyles’ 4th Annual Symposium that is held every October during Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness month. When a woman puts on a MASK a transformation often takes place, her self-confidence and self-respect shows as the MASKaccents her femininity. 

We want your participation. We have read the evaluations and we want this experience to be FUN, yet life changing. Join us and get the opportunity to be amongst women ages 12 to 112, all with different LIFE experiences and all ready to receive information that COULD change them forever. 

Raffles...Door.... Prizes...Activities...Speakers...Skits...Spoken Word...Dance and Shopping  are all a part of this years Symposium. This year will be more INTERACTIVE! 

Ladies get your M.A.S.K...READY! Elegant M.A.S.K... Large M.A.S.K... Small M.A.S.K. All M.A.S.K... are welcomed. 

*If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact us at (661) 402-3076 Ext 106 or email me at latoyia@twolifestyles.com Respectfully, La Toyia Conway Hampton 

​​4th Annual Symposium 

"Remove the M.A.S.K  to Heal from the Past"
​    Saturday,October 29, 2016

8:30 am-3:30 pm

​​Annual Symposium 

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