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About Two-Lifestyles 

The CEO and Founder  La Toyia Conway Hampton of Two-Lifestyles has been offering 18 years of life-saving services at the Youth Correction Facility, Drug Treatment Centers, Women Infant and Children, GAIN Program, Department Of Children and Family Services, Annie E Casey Foundation just to name a few. Two-Lifestyles is a nationally recognized non-profit domestic violence prevention and intervention organization.

Two-Lifestyles works locally, nationally  to shine a light on violence against women and girls advocating the basic human right for all people to have peace in their homes and relationships.

Two-Lifestyles culturally sensitive programs and services not only transition families from crisis to self-sufficiency, but transforms the lives of its clients and the community at large by offering education, referrals and resources.

Two-Lifestyles also provides a variety of support services, including peer support, independent life skills classes, computer training,  and job referrals.

Two-Lifestyles  takes a proactive stance in educating young people to learn what healthy relationships look like and works to break the generational cycle of violence.

About Two-Lifestyles Empowerment Center