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Prior Symposium Information:

2018 " Queens on the Move 

2017 "Let US  ALL Unite to Heal The Internal Fight

2016 "Remove Ther MASK to Heal The PAST"

15 "Healing Adversity Through Solidarity"

2014  "Embracing YOUR Freedom"

2013  "Steppin' Into Your Resilience"

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Call:  661 402-3076 EXT. 112

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"SheRose from the pits of darkness to claim her thrown, leaving a trail for others to rise Beyond the Light”

The Two-Lifestyles’ 7th Annual Women Symposium is held every October during Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness month. On October 26, 2019 a woman will understands her strength to rise above life circumstance that has kept her feeling unsure of her own strength and worth.  

Our Symposium is focused on building resilience and providing information for strategies that are directly appropriate to women seeking to rise above all challenges. We have Created opportunities for bonding, uplifting, encouraging, motivating, while crafting authentic movement. 

Some women will share their experience, strength and hope in support of solidifying all those who could hear her voice. Some will participate in a spectacular Runway Parade as we celebrate her strength and courage to RAISE above all obstacles that life has presented. And some will be Crowned  TLS Shero’s of 2019. 

She loved Unconditionally, She surrendered to his Rules, She stayed for all the wrong Reasons, She entered 12  DV Shelter, She left the children for her safety, She was Stabbed to Life, She was overweight with health concerns, She Survived her children being removed,  She Can’t Read, She was Molested, She was Ganged Rapped, She lost her Job… and then She lost her Thrown.     

You see… we don’t FALL unsure or unworthy, because we are already SheRose, we summit to a life experiences or relationship that creates that feeling.  On this day, October 26, 2019 you are to Reclaim your Thrown and Rise Beyond The Light 

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